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Most Christians are not aware that their faith has been favored with not just one work of Scripture,
the Bible, but with two – a second one, The Urantia Book, was published in modern English in
1955, and it runs to 2,100 pages. It is what we here refer to as a pandect, meaning a comprehensive
treatise of scholarly probity and as such it is generally accepted in its entirety as coherent and valid.
Since 1955 this tome sold about a million copies, in some fifteen countries, in twenty lang-
uages. And that in spite of its being quite heavy reading. It took about twenty years to go from com-
position to publication, and very few people, after spending some time with it, doubt its being authentic revelation. It is consistent, coherent, beyond scientific challenge; and its tone is impeccably religious.
Our purpose in this book is to help people in general to understand and benefit from that one. May
Jesus and his helpers be with you in our joint enterprise. N.P. Snoek
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