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America is in decline and has been for over six decades, of that there can
be little doubt. The reasons for our country’s economic and moral decay
are detailed in part 1 of this book. In part 2, I will suggest steps, short of
a second revolution, that should be taken to rescue our floundering ship
of state. Finally, in part 3, I predict what is likely to occur if we do not
have the courage to institute the changes required to restore the nation’s
economy and put its citizens back to work.
I believe, as will become clear after reading the first few paragraphs of
America in Decline, that the decreasing cognitive ability of our citizens
over the past half century has played a major role in America’s fall from
greatness. Our failure to recognize the importance of intellect, especially
the concept of inherited cognitive ability, is largely responsible for most of
America’s social and economic woes.
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