A Veritable Medley of Poetic Meanderings
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A Veritable Medley of Poetic Meanderings by Sereena Nightshade and Brian Guzzi is a distinct three books/ sections within one compilation of primarily poetry covering a number of topics. The first book in this series entitled Filigree of Sweetness features romantic and relationship based materials. There are no shocking revelations within this portion and yet there are many works regarding longing, desires, wishes, whimsies and wistful fugues. Filigree of Sweetness is followed by a drastic change in scenery with books/sections two and three, which are entitled The Years in the Killing Fields and Outside of the Years of Being stalked.” The material in these segments is highly recommended for both victims of abuse as well as their support persons (i.e. family, friends, romantic partners new on the scene or new on the parameter of the inner- nucleus of the events, and others) who want to understand the external and internal workings or cycles in reactions, survival, conduct and experiences, which would otherwise be entirely foreign. Through these varying compilations A Veritable Medley of Poetic Meanders offers a vivid collection of alluring, enlightening, provocative poetry for every variety of adult connoisseurs of prose, versification or composition. A Veritable Medley of Poetic Meanderings includes the best of previously published poetry from the vast collection of books by Sereena Nightshade, including the exclusive coffee table editions, and a significant serving of new material plus the poetry of Brian Guzzi.
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