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Soul on Fire

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In this book I include the importance of not overlooking the spirit within the self. In our current economic climate free market capitalism reigns supreme. However we cannot afford today to pass by the importance of our souls. Whether you believe or not in what I have said here is your choice.

All I am advocating is that a social conscience should be valued as much as your capacity to accumulate vast sums of material wealth. All of us need to earn our daily bread and contribute to the greater good of our communities we live in. But do not neglect those who are abandoned by mainstream society. The vulnerable and those who have failed to successfully reap the benefits of the free market, must have their voice heard.

Enjoy my collection of verses covering all social issues from dying of starvation, to battles within the self reconciling itself to our spirit and meeting its needs. It does not make a comfortable read and is not intended to be. The verses have to in my view be honest and despite the hard edge to them, they are also about not giving up hope. If I have succeeded in achieving that aim the battle is has been successfully won.

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