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Selected Short Stories Featuring Analog Memory

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Selected Short Stories Featuring Analog Memory collects fifteen of Nicolas Wilson's earlier short stories. These stories are dark, brooding, and entirely too intimate.

Analog Memory contains:

Uncanny Valley: A man forced to be a luddite in a robotic world, by medical necessity, ponders whether his new fling is human.
Censlus: A census worker is murdered while doing his job.
Seed: An old woman meets a familiar face in an unfamiliar setting.
Faith Emmanuel: After a carjacking, a student finds himself financially at the mercy of a corrupt medical system.
Family Business: A marital fight ensues after a husband involves his kids in a life of crime.
Brickmouth: A buried vampire awakens.
Laborious Love: A robotic engineer builds the perfect girlfriend, and the perfect relationship.
Jesus Loves Me (Just Not That Way): A man wrestles with his sexuality.
Unlucky At Math: An intellectual ruminates on his relationship.
Fighting Mad: A soldier considers the toll that the military takes on Muslim soldiers.
Cowgirl Up: A memorial for a stubborn woman's fight with cancer, and love of smoking.
The Courage of Our Convictions: An old soldier examines the leavings of genocide.
Medicine: A friend falls back into addiction.
The Cost of Being Me: Some ruminations on the possibility of heaven, while dying.
Randomly Accessed Memory: A head injury causes a man to lose his memory, throwing his life into chaos as he regresses to his last known lifestyles.
Analog Memory: A former CIA operative has his memory reset in an unorthodox way, and deals with the glitches of the new technology.

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