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Love on the Streets

23 pages20 minutes


Lissa is a young woman in her twenties that just got out of a bad relationship with a thug she spent a few good years with. She's sworn off dating any wannabe thugs and gangsters. That is, until she eyes a local bad boy named Terrence. She goes through a roller coaster of emotions and receives bad information from her friends, and people who have dealt with his lies and games first hand. It all spins out of control at a local party she goes to so she can forget his mesmerizing good looks and maddening ways. Can she and Terrence work it out, or will she end up knocking him out?

Snippet: "His arm muscles bulged as he grabbed the basketball and dunked it through the net, letting out a proud shout as he did so. He caught me staring, then looked me up and down with his golden brown eyes."

Warning: This story contains over 5,000 explicit words

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