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Outrage Journal of a Demented Wanderer: Demented Wanderer Trilogy Series

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This is the second volume of my anti hero's reflections and discoveries in the foreign country of human emotions. He casts off the previous close bonds he had with the band of brothers and sisters he lived with in the sanctuary he belonged too in the first volume of this trilogy. Back then he needed the protection and reassurance of belonging to a close tight knit group of individuals who were bound by ties of loyalty and community to look out for each other. The way of life he embraced, with its commitment to a nihilistic philosphy is one of the main features he could identify with.  He felt at ease following a code of conduct that was anti capitalistic and anti conventional. As it made his  life pregnant with meaning.

In series two, our anti hero who in volume one changed his name when he joined this band of  hedonists changed his name to Mercury, to break with his past, is at this stage of his life journey living life by a lone traveller unencumbranced by relationships. By choice he lives rough on the streets which is intensely dynamic absorbing. In the England of the 2030's,  it is a time of lawlessness, with law and order breaking down on the streets leading to the country being controlled by a joint military and civilian council. Curfews are imposed as well as the suspension of all civil liberties. There is no welfare state, if you do not work you starve or turn to crime tio survive, parliament is closed.

Mercury is able to survive the harsh life on the streets, by thinking quickly on his feet, by clever subterfuge, along with his impish dark humour, and his love of the banal and aburd. During his travels he temporarily joins an amoral disinhibited group of anti materialists who function as a commune. Its purpose is to seek out new unusual experiences which are utterly absurd and investigate those phenomena. To bring to those experiences a manic psychotic gloss which magnifies out of all proportion ordinary actions and objects as they appear in reality, as to how both Mercury and other members of his adopted commune relate to the physical world around them..

Mercury during those times when he is back on the streerts due to various dangers that affect him  is overwhelmed by the kindness of a married couple he encounters who take him in offering him his own flat which they own, for him to stay in. Once he has his own base Mercury responding to a job advert encounters an original  high priestess of exotic pleasure and amorality called Lady Lavender. She is a billionaress, totally unconventional, a style and culture icon aged 85. She opens his eyes to other experiences and realities who help him as a dedicated psycho surfer to feel vitally alive in the moment, as he through his pyschosis is able to achieve liberation and fulfilment through the dark side of his until now hidden self.

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