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Selected Short Stories Featuring Save As

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Selected Short Stories Featuring Save As contains fifteen short stories and flash fiction ranging from cyberpunk to literary fiction.

1:1: A family deals with a difficult decision, in a future where population control is strictly enforced.
One More Night: Those assigned to protect an Italian journalist watch for threats, and reflect on their dangerous lives.
How Far We've Come: How do you pick up the pieces after a betrayal?
Save As: A thrill seeker nearly loses his identity and life to a bad upload.
Things That Twitch: A psychologist probes a man institutionalized for a severe phobia of mosquitoes.
Bleed: Genetically engineered vampires have taken over the world, and soldiers fight for survival, when even a small cut spells a painful death.
Barbie at 50: The eponymous babe reflects on her celebrity, career, and love life over a glass of bourbon.
Buy the Cow: A farmer is forced to sell his life's work.
I'm Sorry I Got Caught In Your House: A very awkward run-at an ex's house.
Red: A soldier and a civilian injured in an explosion seek comfort.
White: A soldier trapped in an explosion doesn't want to be alone.
Blue: A young man's mother teaches him a lesson about expectations, and social mobility.
Freetown: A Sierra Leone man looks at the history of injustice in Freetown, as he deals with the injustices currently perpetuated against his sister after her sexual assault.
Two for One: A twin kept for organ replacement must find a new identity after his sibling's death.
Forget: An unsympathetic officer responds to a youth's suicide attempt.

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