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Whisperings Paranormal Mystery Along Came a Demon The Demon Hunters Dead Demon Walking

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Whisperings Paranormal Mystery books one, two and three. Paranormal mystery with a splash of humor and dash of romance. Clarion Police Department think Tiff Banks is psychic, but she is much more. She sees the ghosts of people who died violently and would mistake them for the living if not for their frozen expressions and whispering voices. She also sees the true appearance of people who should not be in her world. She calls them demons for want of a better word.

In "Along Came a Demon," when a ghost breaks the rules of the afterlife and comes to Tiff for help, she is involved in the investigation of child abduction on a massive scale. She is far from happy when ordered to work with Clarion PD's new hotshot detective, Royal Mortensen, and horrified to discover he is a demon.

Their story continues in "The Demon Hunters," when Tiff and Royal take on two separate cases for clients who give Tiff chills. But are the cases connected? What are their clients, because they are certainly not human? Why are the clients, and Royal, withholding information from Tiff? 

In "Dead Demon Walking," a romantic getaway does not work out as Tiff imagined when the FBI orders her and Royal to Washington DC. And that is just the beginning. Taken from state to state to talk to the victims of particularly gruesome murders, Tiff and Royal know this is one case they do not want the FBI to solve.

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