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Selected Short Stories Featuring Cockfight

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Conflict: A woman becomes possessed by the ancestors of those murdered to obtain the diamond for her wedding ring.
Marvin's Dead: A woman mourns the man she loves.
Jahannam: A young man pays a ransom for his kidnapped father, and waits at the morgue for news.
Font of Youth: A man discovers immortality, alone.
Four Degrees Above Freezing: A detective questions a man who found a chilled corpse.
Falstaff: Sir John is the King's man.
Check Out: A former killer-for-hire hides out after being unable to fulfill a contract.
Fainting Game: A man becomes obsessed tracking the deaths of several young boys.
Murder on Holiday: While on holiday, a serial-killer's activities lead to the birth of Jack The Ripper's myth.
A Life In Porn: A man records and relives little moments with the women in his life.
Betty Page Is Dead: A young GI falls in love with a pinup picture.
DID Have: Four personalities in the same body reflect on the death of the fifth.
Spirit: A NASA probe finds love. And note I didn't go for the obvious 'willing' joke.
PWI: An astronaut fights with his ship's computer about his habit of getting drunk while piloting.
Baby Back: A pregnancy re-kindles a failing relationship.
Cockfight: A rooster, irresistible to hens and humans alike, upsets the pecking order.

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