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Demon on a Distant Shore: Whisperings Paranormal Mystery, #5

254 pages5 hours


Recovering Gertrude Hackenbacher's catnapped kitty pays off when she recommends us to Scott and Patty Norton of Boston. Scott wants us to deliver a message to his nephew, once we find him. So off we go to England, all expenses paid. Royal is sure we can squeeze in a little sightseeing.

Royal is ever the optimist.

England is very confusing. To begin with, not all Brits seem to speak English, and what they eat . . . oh my goodness. Then there is the investigation - finding the client's long-lost nephew is not as easy as we supposed, and as usual, I am distracted by dead people who could use my help. And in ancient Little Barrow, when a creature of myth and magic cries out its pain, only Royal and I can hear.

Young Paul Norton is missing, and he's not the only one. Is our helpful innkeeper really a witch? Why did an upstanding member of the community run down and kill a teenager? With the assistance of some uncooperative British shades, we'll figure out what's really going on and bring peace to a demon on a distant shore.

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