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The Day Bundle: Gay Erotica

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John really likes his coworker Mark. The problem is that the man is straight as an arrow. At least that's what he wants to make John think. Can John make him change his mind? This sexy three story bundle comes with over 14,500 explicit words.

Hay Day
From those hay fields of day, to Gay leather bars at night, two men, John and Mark, discover a commonality that sets the tone for afterhours. Warning: This story contains over 4,000 explicit words

Snippet: "Mark slowly peeled off his dripping shirt, displaying the most gorgeous chest I had ever seen. With only a minimal amount of chest hair and a very nice happy trail, his torso glistened in the dappled light of the barn."
Play Day
Can a budding romance between an openly Gay man, and a man exploring his sexual bounds, find a resolution? Will John's desire for Mark lead to a living arrangement change? Does Mark's fear of social labeling cause him to forego the whole thing? Warning: This sexy story contains over 5,000 explicit words

Snippet: "“Then let’s just continue on with our plans, and know that I will not put any labels on you. Is that fair?” I questioned.
“It has to work for now. I’m having fun and I don’t want to stop,” Mark said emphatically."
Pay Day
Two days as co-workers, followed by three days of a budding romance, finds John enamored with Mark, who is still unsure of his sexual orientation. Now, as they have become roommates will the dynamics for Mark change? Will John play a role in Mark’s self-realization as to his sexuality? Mark, through a particular book, along with John’s efforts to remain objective, despite his innermost passions for the man, serves as support in this pivotal journey towards its outcome. Warning: This story contains over 4,800 explicit words.

Snippet: "From the physical encounters to the emotional incident at Mark’s old apartment, movement in our friendship has made great strides. I now found a new roommate in Mark. He is a man of extreme good looks and physical attributes. Can I encourage him to continue on his quest to find himself? His comment concerning “fucking labels” is hopeful, even though I am not quite sure what it means, I thought."

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