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Quick Before My Hubby Gets Back

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Quick, Before My Hubby Gets Back is a series of erotic short stories about cheating wives.
(1) The first tells of Alison who, though married to Tony, is addicted to quickies with other men. It's a typical tale of a bored housewife seeking pleasure elsewhere, but then she has a sexual encounter with her best friend, Megan, who's in an unhappy marriage too, and things change.
(2) Kay's bored with married life and when she tells her mother, Diane, she is surprised to learn that Mom used to cheat on her father to alleviate her boredom and suggests Kay do the same. She  is somewhat appalled at this revelation but Diane promises to find her a lover and suggests the lovers could meet in her home to avoid detection. But all is not what it seems.
(3) Louise loves unnatural sex and hubby, Eric, won't give her it, so she turns to lovers for what she wants. Then her marriage breaks up and she finds a new boyfriend who quickly falls in love with her and wants to marry her. He's willing to give her what she wants sexually, but it isn't quite enough.
(4) Elsie thinks getting a boob job will enhance her sex life, but it only leads to hubby, Ken, wanting to screw her between her larger boobies. He becomes obsessed with it and ordinary sex is off the menu leading to major frustration. Elsie's determined to find a lover who'll give her what she wants, but it isn't till young window cleaner, Billy, shows an interest in her new curves that she sees an opportunity to fulfil her needs.
(5) Lisa has a fling with Will in revenge for her husband, James, having an affair with Will's wife, Gina. She intends it to be a brief arrangement, but Will enjoys her so much he wants to continue seeing her and blackmails her with a video of them making love. Afraid it will be seen by James, she agrees, but is still scared of being discovered. Only it's Gina who confronts her, but rather than condemning her invites her to join her and her husband in a threesome.

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