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Mature, Married & Misbehaving (Collected Stories)

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Mature, Married & Misbehaving is a series of short stories about precisely that, women who are mature, married and misbehave.
In the first one Sheryl's hubby, Christopher, loves getting sloppy seconds after she's been with her lover, Tom. But she wants Tom to experience that too, something he's not too keen on. But he'll do it, if she gives him something he really wants, her ass. Our wanton girl ups the stakes even higher by going for double penetration.
In the second story Diana and Charlie are surprised to discover that their friend, Peter, likes to watch women pee, and even more so when he tells them he wants to watch Diana doing her business. They're outraged at first, but then he offers to pay her and as they are struggling financially, they agree. As the situation progresses Diana finds that Peter's demands increase and she has to decide whether to go along with them.
The third story sees unhappily married Nora fascinated by her Indian neighbour, Nisha, but when she asks to learn how to don a sari the results are not what she expected. In return she offers the Asian woman the chance to try on her sexy underwear but when Nisha makes a pass at her she rejects it. That would be the end of it only hubby Alf walks in and catches his wife  giving Nisha a comforting embrace. Cue threesome.
Anal sloppy seconds is the subject of the fourth story. Arnold wants to experience it with wife, Jennifer, in an effort to enliven their sex life, but her lover, Henry isn't into anal. She has to find  a new lover, Bill, who'll do the business for her, but she's loath to lose Henry and so ends up with two lovers, one for the front and one for the back.
George is made unemployed and his wife Amy is reduced to offering his football-watching buddies hand-jobs and blow-jobs to make ends meet. She has her rules though and has no intention of being a whore, but when the season ends inspiration strikes.

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