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Slutty Seniors (Collected Stories)

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Slutty Seniors is a series of erotic short stories about horny older women.
The first sees Holly discovering that her student nephew, Tim, is attracted to her. She's tempted but decides to remain faithful to her husband even though the young man, now resident in their home, tries to pressure her into having sex with him.
(2) Raju, Rani's husband is unwell and the medicine to treat him is expensive. The only way she can manage to have her husband treated is to offer their handsome young doctor, Lal, her sexual services. But Lal has a secret which makes full sex impossible so she must offer him other forms of pleasure.
(3) Rosie and Dean used to be exhibitionists in their younger days in the 70s and often made love in front of their friends at parties. Now, with their children having grown up and fled the nest Rosie has an inclination to relive their glory days. But how is she to find an audience for their antics?
(4) Lady Mina's husband no longer desires her, but will not allow her lovers as he has a possessive nature. She confides her need for love to her maid, Dolly, who comes up with various methods to outwit His Lordship's men-at-arms who guard her mistress's virtue but none seem adequate. But it is only after she arranges the marriage of Dolly to young Tom that Lady Mina discovers a way to betray her husband.
(5) Ted and Ethel are members of a Win-A-Wife Swinging Club but feel they're being ripped off. They set up their own organisation in competition and soon the swingers are flocking to join them which leads to some hot sex.

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