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Senior sexy (Collected Stories)

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Senior Sexy is a series of erotic short stories about older people who enjoy a healthy sex life.
In the first story, Fiona was bisexual when she was younger, but then settled down to happy heterosexuality as a wife and mother with Charlie. After her kids leave home she resumes her career as a teacher and comes upon Sarah, a young lesbian. She's tempted, but Charlie wants some too.
(2) When a young man calls impending granny, Lorna, a MILF, she's flattered and so aroused that she has a wonderful session of love-making with hubby, Mike. They realise that compliments of that nature excite her and wonder how they can get more for her, but none of the possibilities seem suitable. They then consider soft-swinging, where two couples flirt and have foreplay with each other's spouses but don't go all the way. Even that option seems unlikely when their friends, the Lairds, flee after a dinner party, but then they meet seasoned swingers, the Hendersons, and things start looking up.
(3) Artie wants wife, Gloria, to shave off her minge so she'll look like a schoolgirl, but she refuses on the advice of her friend, Mildred, who says it makes your crotch itch. Nevertheless, Artie gets Gloria drunk and shaves her while she's asleep. Furious at his subterfuge Gloria vows vengeance and seeks the help of gay hairdresser, Harry.
(4) Newlywed Alice complains to her older neighbour, Louise, that her husband, Robbie is a lousy lover, and seeks her guidance. That leads to a lesbian fling, before Louise and husband, Ray, both take the youngsters under their wing for some sexual training.
(5) Lady Hazel disobeys her husband, Lord Charles, and touches the statuette of the goddess Ruti which he has brought back from India. This serves to inflame her passions and after a bout of love-making with her husband she turns to the butler, Striker, for relief. However Lord Charles comes home early and discovers his wife cuckolding him. A cure for the curse must be found and it lies with the goddess herself.

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