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Lady Bramley Goes Wild (Collected Stories)

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A series of stories about Lady Susan Bramley who misses her husband, Sir George, as he is off to fight the Boers.
In the first tale her sister, Angela, suggests she uses a dildo and procures one for her but she finds it unsatisfactory till her maid, Hilda, lends a hand.
Lady Susan's affair with her maid, Hilda, is discovered by her butler, Hedges, who demands sex with the girl to keep his mouth shut. A compromise of sorts is reached but Hilda arranges to have Hedges jailed to silence him. Bertie, Hilda's fiancée is taken on to replace the butler and is soon sharing her ladyship's bed along with her maid.
News comes that George has perished in the war and his business debts mean that Lady Susan is now almost impoverished, though she keeps on Hilda and Bertie. They must find a means to make a living and it is the two servants who come up with a plan as they introduce Susan to Hilda's latest lover, the wooden Jock.
Susan and her lovers and business partners, Hilda and Bertie, plan the future of their dildo business, Jock's Cocks. New models are discussed and bringing more workers in. This will require larger premises in the country and when Hilda falls pregnant, her friend, Maureen is selected as her replacement. She gives Susan information which pleases her greatly.
The concluding story sees Susan deciding to introduce ivory dildos to the range offered by Jock's Cocks. To procure these she must visit Genoa where she meets the handsome young Nicolas Limone who is smitten by her and proposes marriage. It means an end to her entanglement with Hilda and Bertie but they part as friends, realising their little sexual adventure is over.

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