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Spunky Seniors (Collected Stories)

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Spunky Seniors is a series of stories about horny older women.
In the first story, Susan is addicted to men's cum, a good thing as hubby, Brian, likes sloppy seconds. She dreams of being a  cum bucket, but it isn't till her 20th wedding anniversary that Brian arranges for her to fulfil her ambition.
In the second story, Margo's husband, Frank, chastises her for minor misdemeanours by tying her up, spanking her and buggering her. She hates this at first but grows to love it and then realises that Frank only uses punishment as a pretence to get what he wants. That has to end as they want to start a family but once their son is born their sex life ends almost completely. Margo doesn't want to cheat to make up for her lack of love, but then she meets Dave.
Noreen believes she's been abducted and impregnated by alien, Voldo, from Proxima Centauri but barman, Nat, is convinced it was actually gas station employee, Bart Peterson. She relates her story to a reporter from the Sun-Bugle in the company of husband, Vern, and some interesting twists emerge.
Widowed Rachel is encouraged by her daughter, Penny, to find a new male friend and eventually supplies a candidate in the shape of work colleague, Edward. But Eddie, widowed too, has a secret, he's bisexual, and the only way Rachel and he can make things work is to find another man to share.
Kerry relates her sexual adventures to hubby, Bob, when he returns from his business trips. There's her encounters with his friend, Alf; lesbian friend, Clara; big, black, man, Ray, and more. Bob finds it all very arousing and it leads to a steamy session with his wife, but how much is fact and how much fiction?

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