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Alex in Wonderland

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All Alex has to do is think of something, and it happens. It's easy to bring an object or an event into his life. He tries to keep it a secret from his friends. He just wants to be ordinary like anyone else. But things get complicated.

When his live-in girlfriend leaves him, he accidentally performes a ritual that sets him on a path on which he can not turn back. 

When his friend, Hughbella, an old Blackfoot Indian, dies, she begins to visit him in his dreams. She tells him, "Alex if you're going to be so serious about life, you must be an Observer, because if you participate, you can't be serious."

But Alex resists. He doesn't want to be an Observer. He wants to be an ordinary guy. So Hughbella's job is to overcome his resistance and teach him the rules of an Observer and remind him of ancient knowledge that existed even before the universe came into being. 

Munch, Alex's best friend, wants Alex to teach him how to make things happen. He wants to bring a woman into his life. But that's against one of the rules of an Observer and Munch barely escapes death by the skin of his teeth.

Alex has a paranormal alliance with all women that he knows nothing about. Every woman he meets performs a magical feat for him, but he doesn't realize it. Hughbella has to point it out for him. Dolores tries to seduce him. Alberta tries to tempt him. The twins trick him. 

Alex's most difficult tasks are to accept his lot, to recognize himself, and to slip in and out of the facade at will.

What's more frightening than anything else is what Hughbella tells him he must be prepared for - what will happen to the world in the near future.

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