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Much Bonking:Tales From A Naughty English Village

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Most people think that nothing happens here in the sleepy hamlet of Much Bonking. Actually a lot happens, but it is hidden to strangers. Only the locals know the secret under-currents that run through this ancient community, who have lived in these dales since the time of the Normans. This, of course, refers to Ken and Jess Norman, who lived here in 1962. But it is true that each and every one of the residents harbours a dark, sexual secret due, some believe, to a certain ingredient in the local water supply which encourages naughtiness.  Yet others say that this is but an excuse, and the truth is that those who dwell in Much Bonking are nothing but dirty buggers.
Meet a cast of characters the like of which you’ve never met before. There are swingers, swappers, suckers and spankers. Voyeurs, exhibitionists and bi-sexuals, Much Bonking has them all. Why not visit?

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