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Saucy Seniors (Collected Stories)

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Saucy Seniors is a series of stories about the sex lives of older people.
In the first Jan likes quickies and indulges hubby Arthur's desire to see her having sex with other men via a CCTV system, till he expresses a desire to actually participate. But finding a partner for a threesome might prove difficult till they meet up with well-hung Morris.
The second story sees older married couple Elaine and Joe meeting Dave and Kristy while on holiday. They're swingers and set their caps on seducing our pair into their lifestyle.
George and Len have been swapping wives for a while, in the third story, but have a dispute over which one gives the best blowjob. Ex-lover Colin is called in to decide but when Len won't abide by his decision they have to turn to homosexual barman, Fruity Bob, with surprising results.
In the fourth story Hazel's chief librarian at the local library. She's approached by a strange young man who wants to run creative writing classes in her branch. But he writes erotica, likes older women and is very forceful, which puts Hazel on the back foot, and it becomes even worse when she becomes one of his students.
The fifth story sees confirmed swingers Horace and Mavis disappointed when the local swinging club in the new area they've moved to rejects their application for membership. They set out to discover the reason behind their rejection with surprising results.

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