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Senior Sirens

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Senior Sirens is a novella-length story about Shirley and Norma, two women in their 50s, both married and grandmothers, whose husbands no longer give them sexual satisfaction. They know the only thing they have to offer the younger lovers they long for is their experience but would that prove to be enough? What else could two older women offer a younger man? The answer is to fulfil their fantasies. Firstly our girls finally get what they've been looking for, a young lover in the shape of student, Chris. Then the girls get into some kinkier action with their lover Chris, and set the scene for the inclusion of more lovers, the first of them being Chris's friend, Sam. Now a foursome with the inclusion of Chris's friend Sam, the girls end their first session with a rather naughty competition.
Finally, two new guys, Alan and Jeff join the party and everything seems to be going well, till the student life brings its own problems. Not one our girls can't overcome though.

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