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Older & Bolder (Collected Stories)

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Older & Bolder is a series of erotic short stories about older women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.
Jackie's first marriage broke up because she had a fling with her husband's friend and was discovered. Now, remarried, she feels the itch to cheat again but is too scared as she's now a mother. But when neighbour Chris makes a pass at her she's tempted, which leads to her planning a wife swapping arrangement with Chris and his wife, Ann, to stop her marriage collapsing again.
Pushing 50 Rita can't come with penetration no matter how hard she and hubby, George, try. Fingers and tongue work fine but despite having a few boyfriends no man has ever got her off with his cock. Then she finds herself in a  situation getting DP from two young guys and that rings her bell. She wants to share the experience with George, but where are they going to find a man who'll share her?
In story three Matilda finds herself being ravished whenever she is accosted by criminals while travelling on her husband's business. Highwaymen, footpads, pirates, it makes no difference, they have their evil way with her. At 50 years old she is surprised at this, but it takes being accompanied by her pretty young maid, Polly, for her to discover the truth behind the matter.
Story four sees wife Karen, carrying out a series of sexual adventures while hubby Jim is away on a business trip. She fulfils her fantasies of sucking off a big cock, anal sex, having  a threesome with two men and reunites with her schoolgirl friend, Pamela, for some lesbian love, but when Jim doesn't return she's ready for the outcome.
Silvia and Mark are invited to a party by their younger neighbours, Kevin and Rona, but what they imagined was going to be just a few drinks, appears to be a swingers' get-together. They wonder why they were invited and discover its because the youngsters are eager to add a more mature couple to their group. They've been faithful to each other for a long time but now, in their 50s, are they ready to spice up their sex lives?

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