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Good-Time Grannies (Collected Stories)

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Good-Time Grannies is a series of erotic short stories featuring older women.
(1) Cathy and Eddie watch an erotic film with Dave and Eileen and are surprised when their friends of 30 years confess that they're thinking of becoming swingers. Eddie seems interested but Cathy is shocked and wants nothing to do with it. She refuses the partner swap they suggest but the thought that her hubby might participate in a threesome without her drives her to take the plunge.
(2) Audrey, is just widowed, but as she's kept a lid on her sexual desires throughout her married life she's now determined to enjoy herself. The young barman, Derek, she meets in the hotel bar after the funeral catches her eye but this meets disapproval from her daughter, Charlotte. Still, she is determined to get what she wants.
(3) Tricia and Ben, now in their 60s, think their swinging days are well behind them, till they're invited to a sex-party by their old friend, Iris. Not really convinced that anyone will still find them desirable at their age they attend anyway and meet Hazel and Walter. He's desperate for anal sex but Hazel can't manage it, but it happens to be a speciality of Tricia's so she offers him a tumble, leading to the foursome becoming regular swapping partners.
(4) Babs's lover, Ken, dumps her when she's no longer able to meet with him for sex in her home as hubby, Pete, has retired and is around all the time. She turns to her friend, Mildred, for help and discovers to her astonishment that Mildred and her ex-husband, Larry, had once been swingers. Mildred hatches a devious plan to lure Pete into the swinging scene so Babs can get the spare cock she craves.
(5) Hubby, Donald, believes all the stories his wife, Felicity tells him in bed about her sexual misbehaviour are fantasies. This latest one, about having three young men one after the other, certainly sounds unbelievable, though it does serve to turn them both on. But how much is truth, and how much fiction?

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