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Sex, The Stars & Princess Simla

209 pages3 hours


Princess Simla wants to get married and get laid, and not necessarily in that order. She’s got her eye on First Minister of Pendor, Yaf Alrick, but she’s accompanied by her unstoppable android chaperone, Shap, who decides who’s allowed to get near her luscious body and as far he’s concerned nobody’s good enough for this beautiful daughter of the Great Father of Old Earth, the ostensible Emperor of the twelve colonised worlds.  He’s sent Simla round this domain to warn of the dangers of the invading aliens. The Riaz, so a hunt for a mate is not her primary purpose. Accompanied by Shap, Yaf and her nympho scientist friend, Elfi, Simla takes on her deadly alien foes and finds true love.
An entrancing space opera with lashings of hot erotic action that rips along at a cracking pace.

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