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Senior Snatch (Collected Stories)

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Senior Snatch is a series of stories about older women and sex.

In the first swinger wife, Rachel, is asked to perform a sex act for hubby John's business rival, Adam, as a sweetener to the deal which will allow him  to take over his company. But Rachel knows that Adam is an ex-boyfriend she dumped and he's only out for revenge.

The friend, Fiona,  she meets on holiday in Spain introduces Laura to lesbian sex which she discovers she enjoys but is quite prepared to write it off as a fling, till the two ladies husbands return from their golf outing and discover them in each other's arms.

Ralph is disgusted when his wife, Celia, can't control her bladder when she climaxes, so he doesn't make her come any more. She accepts that for many years but when she discovers he's cheated, she feels free to look for a man who can satisfy her. She hooks up with Charles but is shocked when he brings his wife, Elaine, along on their date. Turns out they're swingers and into threesomes. Not precisely what Celia was looking for, so will she play along or flee?

Eddie wants to bugger his wife, Sharon, but she's not having it. He manages to get his way, however, when he ties her up face down during one of their bondage sessions. Sharon finds she likes it but somehow they can't repeat the experience till Sharon realises what the missing ingredient is.

Young Prince Harold desires to view the busties of Lady Agatha. Lord Reginald gives his wife permission as he wants royal patronage, but the Lady is disappointed by the Prince's attentions. Frustrated, she turns to her coachman, Brogue, whose enormous member is more than enough to make up for the Prince's tiny prodder.

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