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But I'm Old Enough Your Mother ( Collected Stories 2)

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This is the second series of But I'm Old Enough To Be Your Mother stories.

The first story concerns Janet who is encouraged by her friend, Celia, to take her young gardener, Charlie, as a lover. But Janet worries that he might not be interested in older women till she discovers he is infatuated with redheads, which she is. Still, she worries about cuckolding hubby, Randolph, till he too falls into place by permitting her to cheat because of his own diminishing sex drive. Janet then discovers that a wife with a lover suddenly ebcoems a very desirable item.

Ben and Mary used to be swingers when they were in their 30s. Now, over 20 years later, Ben expresses a desire to watch Mary having sex with a black man. Their initial efforts to find a black lover are unsuccessful, but eventually they come across Elroy but he wants to film the action. Mary dons a wig so she won't be recognised but when it comes to the crunch she realises that there's big black cock and then there's really big black cock.

George calls her Aunty Maureen because she's known him since he was a young boy even through they're not related. But as he becomes a man she notices his interest in her and sets out on a voyage of sexual education. He wants to go all the way with her, but as a married woman she's reluctant. Then, her husband leaves her, and she's suddenly available.

Vicky takes a part-time job in her local corner shop. The proprietor's son, Ravi, enjoys flirting with her and that leads to some hanky panky that develops into a full-blown affair but they never make it to a bed till Ravi's due to have an arranged marriage.

Doctor's wife, Pamela, is an exhibitionist and likes exposing herself to her husband's patients as they sit in the waiting room. But young Henry Queen isn't happy with just looking and wants more which Pamela is happy with, till she knocks on his front door for a planned assignation and his wife answers.

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