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Lady Eleanor Awakes!

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A historical erotica novella as recently married Lady Eleanor is left on her own when her husband, Lord Percy, goes off to war. Not only that, but he has left her encumbered with a chastity belt, which means not only that can she take no lover, but cannot even get access to her body to pleasure herself. Desperate, she asks for the help of her maid, Polly, who finds a locksmith who can fashion a key to free the lady from her bondage. But the intimacy of this leads to a relationship between mistress and maid, which also opens Eleanor’s eyes to the condition of the peasant classes she is mistress of. She vows to improve the lot of the working people but is opposed by Lord Percy’s sister, Lady Agatha and Lady Harriet, who have always hated her. In fear Eleanor takes Polly’s betrothed, Rob, to be her bodyguard and proceeds with her plan. Word comes that Lord Percy has perished on the battlefield. Without a husband Eleanor has nowhere to practice the sexual awakening she has experienced. That is till Polly and Rob provide her with a means to thwart her enemies and to enter an unusual marriage, where the aristocracy and commoners combine.
With many familiar elements from traditional historical tales,  Lady Eleanor Awakes! promises a thrilling read complete with erotic and insightful ingredients. Very explicit and not recommended for minors or the easily shocked.

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