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Grey and Blue (Collected Stories)

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Grey & Blue is a series of stories which takes a light-hearted look at older woman who still have an appetite for sex.
(1) The first story sees Ethel attracting the attention of a much younger man, Jim. She's interested, but has nowhere she can take the lad to consummate the relationship as she is married. She turns to friend, Ruth for help, and she's willing to let Ethel have the use of her couch as long as she gets something out of the deal. Unfortunately, Ken is much more than she expected.
(2) George wants to see his wife, Judith, having sex with another man to spice up their sex life. They meet a young man, Alec, in the pub and offer him the chance to play, but he's bisexual and says he'll only participate if he gets the opportunity to suck George's cock too. George agrees, reluctantly, but on the next occasion Alec demands to be buggered and things go downhill after that.
(3) Jessie and Arnold are in their 60s now and their swinging years are long behind them. But then they meet Jack and Dora and discover that Jack is the son of a couple, Arthur and Coral, they used to swap with. The younger couple, knowing of Jack's parents activities from a diary, want to play with the older couple as they too are swingers, but Jessie and Arnold feel they're too old. It is only when Dora suggests soft swinging that things start to move forward.
(4) Eddie wants to bugger his wife, Marge, but she's not having, not till Eddie agrees to take a member with equal dimensions to his own up his rear. They search for a gay fellow who might perform the deed and after being thrown out of a gay bar come across hairdresser, Cecil, but he's a passive homosexual. His boyfriend, Barry, might do the job but he wants paid. Unfortunately he doesn't fancy Eddie in the slightest, but does come up with a suggestion which might solve their problem.
(5) Lloyd needs his wife, Marge, to sleep with his black business partner, Harry, so Harry will sell the business to him. He observes the proceedings and is incredibly turned on by seeing his wife with another man, which leads to the idea of swapping with other couples. They're at a loss as to how they're going to find anyone suitable till they come across old friends, the Finlays.

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