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Middle Aged Mischief (Collected Stories)

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Bernie and Moira are in their 50s, empty nesters, who get turned on one night when they hear their younger neighbours, Paula and Dennis, making love through the bedroom wall. They're aroused and it seems that the youngsters might be swingers, but how to know for sure, and see if they'd be interested in oldies like them?
Bernie and Moira invite their young neighbours, Paula and Dennis, over for dinner, hoping to establish if they're swingers or not and more to the point, if they're up for a swap.
Bernie and Moira have a fling with their younger neighbours, Paula and Dennis and discover that they are indeed swingers. But do the older couple want to get involved with the swinging scene now that their lust for the youngsters as been satisfied?
Bernie and Moira have a second session with their younger neighbours, Paula and Dennis only this time it's in the same room. Very enjoyable, but they do seem to be pressuring the older couple to get involved in their swinging scene.
Bernie and Moira have to decide if they're going to advance from being just swappers with their young neighbours, Dennis and Paula, or become fully-fledged swingers by meeting up with their friends, Fred and Ann.

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