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Mature Mistresses (Collected Stories)

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Mature Mistresses is a collection of stories about older women who have affairs with other men.
(1) In the first story, Pamela's husband, Charles, isn't cutting it in the bed room so she tells him she wants to take a lover, he agrees and even helps her find one, Phil, and even gives him a job. But Phil's attentions turn Charles on too which Pamela benefits from till Charles has his libido really re-ignited and wants a mistress of his own.
(2) Rosie imagines that her young next door neighbour, Billy,  is interested in her because she has a hairy pussy when his pretty little wife, Amy, shaves hers. Imagine her surprise then when she discovers that his lusty gaze is on Amy's behalf, because she's bisexual and wants the older woman. Rosie's husband, Ken, is willing to let her have her and relive their swinging days, but he wants something in return which leads to some serious swapping fun.
(3) Countess Clara is the mistress of Duke Bertram, with her husband, Randolph's consent, for he seeks the Duke's patronage. But the Count is an ambitious man and believes that if his wife has the Duke's child his fortune will be made. A difficult thing to achieve when Clara only takes the Duke in her rear passage.
(4) Sara's been misbehaving with hubby Pete's boss, Sam. Not going all the way, mind, just a bit of heavy petting. When she confesses to Pete he punishes her by spanking her but they find this turns them both on, leading to some wild sex. It seems that if she continues to be a bad girl she will suffer the same, so of course she's going to, but to let Sam have it off with her she needs to find a place to entertain him, because the park bushes they've been dallying behind just won't do.
(5) Sophie's proud of being Dave's mistress and not just his girlfriend or fancy bit. Marks her out from all the other married girls on the estate, who might be carrying on with other men, but they weren't mistresses. Not till Penny Carter tells her she too has a man who calls her his mistress and that sets alarm bells ringing for our girl.

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