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Suck My Jock (A Gay Paranormal Romance with Bloodlust Vampires)

18 pages13 minutes


Jareth is a gay man. Jareth is a vampire.

He has been alive since the 1700s. A hundred years after his birth, he met Rory, found a partner and a soulmate, and made him a vampire. The two lived together throughout American history and through the fast times of the modern era. They both have a thirst for lust, but they have a bigger thirst for blood. Follow them as they seek lovers in the hot gay clubs in the 1970s, on Wall Street in the 1980s, and in the modern day online. Lovers who satisfy their carnal desires and their bloodlust.

Warning: This story is intended for mature adults 18+ ONLY. This 3500+ word title contains gay vampires, sexy gay men, twinks, jocks, MMM threesomes, gay clubs, public sex, erotic situations, graphic language, and adult content. Please store your digital files where they cannot be accessed by minors.

An excerpt:

"Seeking hot jock for MM threesome," Rory typed into the website's forum. It didn't take much to attract these men, and it made feeding easier than ever: they didn't have to leave the apartment. "Guys on the downlow OK. Come to our safe apartment, fuck, and get fucked." Rory finished with contact information and clicked 'submit'.

An hour later, there were three emails in Rory's inbox. He opened each one, looking at pictures of chiseled chests and rigid cocks standing proudly. Finally, he found a handsome man who was not quite a muscle man but still had a hot body.

"Looking to have all of my holes filled," the man's email began. "I want to suck and fuck and have always wanted to be in a threesome. Check my pics and let me know if you're interested. I'm free tonight."

"Hey, Jareth," Rory said over his shoulder from the computer desk. "Look at this one."

Jareth glided from the kitchen to the computer. He looked at the picture on the screen. "Nice. Very nice."

"He wants to 'suck and fuck'," Rory smiled. "Have 'all of his holes filled'. We could fill his holes and make some new ones."

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