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A Noble Killing

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Nazi Germany has been defeated. The British people are struggling through post war austerity. A new government is piecing together post-war reconstruction after sweeping to power in a landslide victory. Health and welfare are their priorities for a population that stood steadfast against the tyranny of the Axis powers. A rich and powerful group of individuals has come together pledged to seize power away from the elected government, to consign their plans to the dustbin of history and to establish their own regime with a restored Edward VIII as their monarch.

How far will they go to achieve their aims? Is the Royal Family safe from the guns of the would-be assassins?

Agents Sean Colquhoun and Lily Brett, heroes of the most outrageous mission carried out by the British Secret Services during the war, are re-united in a desperate attempt to save British democracy from the plotters of a coup d'etat.

With tragedy and personal loss weighing down upon them Sean and Lily go undercover, working as members of the conspiracy, risking the ultimate sacrifice.

A Noble Killing follows the success of A Pious Killing, the first thrilling adventure featuring Sean and Lily. A Pious Killing wil be available in April.  

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