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5 Nights (Sinful Delights Boxed Set)

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Fall in love with five sinful alpha males in this steamy romance set that give all the flavors of delight. Dark passion and the innocent women that fall under the spell of these masters of seduction. No cliffhangers and each story will leave you breathless, longing for own strong arms to fall apart in.

Sin: I didn't go looking for temptation, but when I met Sin, it found me. A strip club was the last place you'd expect to find someone like me. I was the good girl, the one who always did the right thing. Desperation could make a person step outside their comfort zone.

Romance Book Club: When her book club decided to focus on sexy alpha male romances for the month, she had no idea how far the ladies were willing to go in the name of research. Finding herself in Sensation's Dungeon was certainly not part of her plans, neither was meeting sexy club owner and dungeon Master, Chase Davenport. With a body built for sin, bedroom eyes that promised fantasies guaranteed to lead her straight to hell, the pages of a book suddenly appeared tame.

Undercover Submissive: Twin Sisters, hidden secrets, and dark passions.. let the deception begin! Cayce Miller is a serious minded librarian. She adores her twin sister Cait, but they are identical only in looks. When Cait goes missing and the police department seems unwilling to help, Cayce is forced to assume her identity in an effort to discover the truth. Taking her sister's place leads to a charged and dangerous game, played in a steamy world where all the rules have changed. Time is running out and Dylan St. Clair may be her only source of hope in revealing her location. Will going undercover destroy Cayce or will it reveal a side to her she never knew existed?

And two more incredible romances titles with a sneak peak into the newest release Whore! It's all waiting for you in Five Nights!

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