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Adding Fractions Visually Third Edition Colour: Adding Fractions Visually

82 pages18 minutes


Visual addition of maths fractions

Visually teaches addition of fractions using basic coloured shapes and fraction association.

Illustrated with colour shapes to develop learner's understanding of addition of common maths fractions.

Introduces, enforces and extensively employs the principle of equivalent and decimal fractions, as well as whole numbers and percentages, using 2D shapes, sums and proper fractions together.

Compares fractions, decimals and percentages.

Excellent introductions to fractions and equivalent fractions plus quick quizzes on addition of fractions to check learner's understanding and progress!

Uses easy language and a lot of coloured shapes, fraction additions and simple maths vocabulary

Ages 5-11, Year groups 1-6 and Key Stages 1-2.
Or internationally equivalents in primary curriculum (infants and junior schools).

Available as a colouring workbook, paperback, colour paperback, workbook, colour workbook and colour e-eooks

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