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Gabriel & Mr. Death

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Gabriel is a coon hound with an unusual gift: he can see Mr. Death. He doesn’t think too hard on it until one Christmas Eve when Mr. Death comes for the person Gabriel loves most. He can’t let that happen, no sir, no way. No matter what a poor hound has to do. A touching story about a dog’s love and loyalty and the healing power of family.

What readers have said about Gabriel & Mr. Death:

"Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? In "Gabriel & Mr. Death," author Susan Kroupa tells a sweet story from the point of view of Gabriel, a black-and-tan hound dog.
Gabriel's voice is clear, his understanding (and lack thereof) of his human family's situation charming. And when Gabriel finds himself trying to protect his owner from a threat she doesn't see -- Mr. Death -- you'd better have the tissues handy, or you won't be able to read through your tears to find out what happens!
A wonderful story for any season."--gypsyldy

"I sighed. I smiled. I wanted Gabriel the Hound to come live with me. A wonderful story at any time of year but so perfect at Christmas time."--Falcon Ridge Publishing

"I so enjoyed this story from the first page to the end. It made me laugh,cry,and once again realize what a great gift a pet can be. Pets show us unconditional love and help to make each day happy and fun! Susan Kroupa is now a favorite author!"--Elaine Farley


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