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Going Up and Going Down (Goings On, #1)

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Helen Pawson is intelligent, well-spoken, beautiful, dark-haired, and at 5ft 10in she has a figure to die for. She has had a very privileged upbringing with the most loving and attentive parents. Attending private school, she learned to appreciate the finer things in life, classical music, art and literature. She has had so much, and has wanted for nothing - or has she?
Why did she suddenly drop out of University? What traumatic circumstances in her life have contributed to the mental illness she fights to control? Married for two years, why did she ditch her career in accountancy to become a hotel chambermaid - without her husband's knowledge? How did that lowly job lead her into her sideline - earning big money as a high class call girl, attending to the mostly perverted, needs of her clients - the very rich and famous, including film stars, politicians, celebrities and businessmen?
Her loveless marriage has brought her nothing but hurt, mistrust, and embarrassment, but she soon discovers her husband's dark secrets, and one in particular, for which Helen will never forgive him! She remains in the marital home for one reason only - to keep the enemy close, wait, observe, and when the opportunity presents itself.....exact her revenge!

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