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Mubarak-The Fourth President and a History of Egypt 1919-2011

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From the author of Gorbachev-The Rise and Fall of a Hero this concise history book covers some history behind this country's recent past, in particular the change from sovereign rule, King Farouk I and King Fuad II being the last kings of Egypt, to the reasons behind the biggest change for Egypt when it became a republic, and the creating of the presidential system with the 'Revolution Command Council' appointing General Naguib as the first President and prime minister of Egypt. This book is not intended to be a biography of the leaders of Egypt, but seeks to explain, and give an insight into, the recent history of this country, and the changes that took place from the days of British Colonialism up to the early twenty first century.
The author acknowledges that there may be various views, in particular, on President Hosni Mubarak's rule, and has no intention, either expressed or implied, to show a perspective from any particular or selected element of society, or political point of view, but seeks only to explain to some extent the history, sometimes violent, and the events leading to Hosni Mubarak being elevated to the position of President of Egypt.

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