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The Megiddo Mark: A Novel

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The Megiddo Mark: a novel

Sometimes you must sacrifice everything you love to find your true legacy . . .

Literature professor Malena Alexander never imagined a place where God speaks his mind, guardian angels grumble, or a dark outcast amasses an army to overtake the world. But when she becomes the reluctant guardian of an ancient mystical book called the Vitae Lux, she’s plunged into a realm where angels and demons are at war. She joins forces with sexy, tormented archaeologist Cullen Wade who is searching for a legacy he believes she’s stolen from him. Together they must expose an evil Outcast before he locates the book and kills to gain the power he needs to devastate the world. Their journey into the heart of darkness launches them into a struggle that might very well destroy them both unless they can forge a sacrificial love strong enough to rescue each other and save the world.

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