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Rafe Velez Mysteries Bundle #2 (4-6): The Plot to Murder Althea Stokes, The Men Who Were Hard of Listening, The Colombian Dope Smugglers

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The Plot to Murder Althea Stokes -- Rafe Velez Mystery 4:
Althea Stokes is recovering nicely from a small stroke. That's bad news for greedy heirs who want their share of the inheritance sooner, rather than later. Rafe gets drawn into this mix through investigating a bit of suspected petty larceny in the Stokes mansion. It escalates into a full-blow drama at a dinner party at the Stokes home, where somebody else is poisoned – but by whom?

The Men Who Were Hard of Listening -- Rafe Velez Mystery 5:
Landscaper Billy Byrum has a money problem. Author Dennis Tinker has a writing problem. Neither man thinks he's doing wrong by others – until things spin out of control. Billy's brother ends up dead and Dennis's wife thinks he has a fan turned stalker. Both situations end up in Rafe's lap. The question is: who's listening and who's about to have a nasty fall from grace?

The Colombian Dope Smugglers -- Rafe Velez Mystery 6:
A case of petty theft turns into a convoluted plot to smuggle heroin into the US. A Mafia Don wants it to stop. A local electrician is pulled into the web of criminal enterprise. The question becomes: who is the spider weaving the web and will this mean war between the Mob and the Colombians? A pivotal story in this series, with far-reaching implications.

Rafe Velez is a fictional character, based on a real person alive today. One thing you can be sure of: you will never, ever guess who he actually is!

As a private investigator, Rafe dealt with decades of crime, divorce, death and depravity – and barely broke even. Pushing 50, he had a few extra pounds around the middle, a sprinkling of gray hair and a cynical view of life, relieved only by a deadpan sense of humor. All of that changed one day, thanks to a windfall he didn't expect.

Enter the world of the Rafe Velez Mysteries: intrigue, suspense, mystery, crime and a cast of characters taken from real life (and changed just enough to protect their identities – at least, until the statute of limitations expires). Enter into the mind of a man whose life is an open book – that should be suppressed!

Meet his friends, frenemies and frequent locations for his adventures:

• Detectives Toole and Williams, Robbery/Homicide's finest – said nobody, never.
• Harpo, a stray dog that wandered into his life and has a great sense of humor.
• Jean Smalls, the first woman in a long time who threatens to take his bachelor card.
• Keith Verdi, electrical contractor, who has other talents – and secrets.
• Momo Argento, the semi-retired Don of a crime family, who keeps a hand in the game.
• The Greasy Spoon restaurant, a real tribute to truth in advertising.
• The Shiny Penny, your soon-to-be-favorite dive bar.

...and a motley crew of clients and suspects. Expect surprises: not every client is on the right side of the law and not every suspect is guilty.

You won't always know what's going on in the minds of the supporting characters. You will always know exactly what Rafe is thinking – unless he's not thinking at all!

Discover The Rafe Velez Mysteries. No, really, go ahead! PG Rated – no four letter words or explicit sex, but if you read between the lines...

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