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The Battle of Anton Zavorski: Occult & Supernatural series, #1

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‘Save me from the clutches of him who takes for himself what he sees: may the malevolent gaze of his eyes be diverted and the glowing breath of his mouth not take me away,’ were the words that for some inexplicable reason sprang to mind as he opened his front door.
Anton Zavorski, a well know writer and unaware of his importance to a small group of people in America, is seduced by the beautiful Ruth - the disciple of Nathan Goldstein, a literary agent and powerful adept of the occult.
What is so special about Anton Zavorski that necessitates such extreme measures of manipulation, orchestrated by some of the most powerful people in the world, to battle for his co-operation?
Who really are Angela Gruber and her mysterious cousin Matthew? What part do they play in the ensuing battle of minds? Has Goldstein, the Satanist, met his match?
The Battle of Anton Zavorski’ is a story of lust, greed and deception where evil and manipulation is used at the highest level to gain control.
A psychological thriller with Masonic and Illuminati overtones where evil manipulation through lust, greed and seduction are used to gain control at the highest level.

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