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Beautiful Sonia

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Beautiful Sonia

I stood there watching at her as she lay naked on the couch. I couldn’t concentrate; the brush and dish shook as I a stroke on the cardboard that stood before me. I thought I should excuse myself for having the wrong colors to paint her portrait to perfection. “You need something else Mick?” she almost whispered the words in the air that also bore the sweet blues of HELLO by Lionel Richie…
”Hello… is it me you’re looking for… I can see in your eyes, I can see in your smile…you’re all I ever wanted, all I see…now I wonder where you are…and I wonder what you’re doing… but let me start by saying…I love you…” the sweet melody trailed softly with the gentle breeze and I didn’t have a thing to say.
“I’ll be alright ma’am…just wanted to put some more oil so your painting won’t be to fresco…” I bleated though I struggled to remain firm.
“You radiate a lot of charm through your hands do you know that?” she talked brushing her hair with a gentle hand to the back, her fine round orange shaped breast puffed a little to the front and I started getting erect though I somehow fought it inside my head.
“My mother told me so Ma’am.” I tried to be as polite as I could. I hoped she’d tell me how she felt about me or her reason to get me to do this kind of work for her. I doodled with the brush on the rectangular board that stood on the tripod stand before me. It was awkward for such an admirable woman to come for such arts but it wasn’t my business to know what she’d do with her naked portrait on a couch.
“Girlfriend?” she spoke softly with a curious sense of tenacity in her voice that I could detect easily.
“…No…I’m a regular guy who only does his work…painting” I spoke confidently as I brushed a few lines before I took my eyes on her again. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind as I was painting the blotch on her left lap just near the pubis.
“It’s a birth mark… the weirdest thing on me.” And it was indeed the weirdest thing about her though most men would ignore it for her tremendous beauty.
“A lot of people don’t know that… They’ll always find you attractive though.” The expression on her face gave me the feeling she was impressed by what I just said.
“Are you fun of flatteries?” the words blended with the blues and her beauty shone the more in the penumbra glow of the gold-brown lamp that stood a little distance away from us. I gave her a silly smile as I brushed on. “How long can it take you to do it?”

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