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James: Living a Life of Faith: A Bible Study for Women

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This in-depth, yet highly interactive, verse-by-verse study of the book of James has been written for women desiring to dig deeply into God's Word. It may be used by ladies who want to study alone, or as part of a group. In addition, there is an accompanying version that has been adapted for men. While the illustrations and questions are unique to each gender, the lesson material and theology in each study are identical, allowing men and women to study in separate groups or together. The options for how individuals or groups may use these studies are virtually limitless!

These studies uniquely present the powerful pages of James in language that can be easily understood and applied as we face suffering, temptation, guilt, favoritism, conflict, gossip, fear, doubt, and much more.

* How we view trials and respond to them determines what God can do in, and through us.
* Our faith must be sincere and active, or it will be found dormant and useless.
* Partiality has no place in Christ’s church, and therefore should have no place in the Christian life.
* The tongue reveals what is in the heart – it can be a source of conflict and strife, or peace and gentle wisdom.

* Your perspective on trials, suffering, and temptation will be challenged.
* You will begin to view all you do, say, and believe through the lens of Scripture, versus tradition or opinion.
* You will be encouraged to see yourself and others through the light of God’s grace rather than the lies of the enemy.
* You will be inspired to live an actively-passionate life for the God you were created to glorify!

Also Available: James - Living a Life of Faith: A Bible Study for Men

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