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An Easy Guide To Self Publish Your E-book. Using Smashwords.

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In this so called digital age, there are many people who have taken up writing as a hobby, and many more who would like to. The big stumbling block to the vast majority is how to get their work published. This is a personal account of writing my Autobiography, and of trying unsuccessfully to get it published. My persistence eventually enabled me to self publish in E-book format with It's valuable information that can get you started on a literary career. It's short, basic, and very easy to follow. It covers the so called tricks of the trade and mistakes that I learnt along the way. Explaining to the reader a rough idea of what will or won't be accepted with their publication. To prove a point I now have eleven books published by Smashwords. One of my gifts in life is to help other, for no financial reward. With this little book I think I have succeeded. I'm satisfied that it will help, if you wish publish in the E-book format.

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