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In Hera's Service

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The year is 2063 by old Earth reckoning and the planet has been occupied. Annexed by the Imperial Federated Worlds, an empire of technologically advanced humans, nearly a decade and a half ago; the planet is still in turmoil. Earth has been trying to deal with being unified for the first time in its history and is desperately attempting to catch up with galactic technology. But the Imperial Worlds have their own problems trying to put down an insurgency that sees Earth as an ideal place to find recruits.
Crineal joined the Space Corps to fight the rebellion and is seen as a traitor by some from his home-world. Twelve years of hard combat and a reputation for being one of the Corps best fighter pilots earned him the rank of General. His dedication to the protection of the empire gained him the title of hero throughout the Imperial Federated Worlds and his care towards those he commands has earned him the absolute loyalty of his fellow pilots.
Cyndora is a rebel supporter. For the last year she has been a prisoner in the Imperial justice system. Her sentence: a brutal forty five years of jail unless she takes another opportunity presented. Volunteering to join the Space Corps as a Recreation Assistant, her new job is to provide whatever entertainment and comfort Space Corps crew members might demand of her. The twenty five year tour of duty she has signed up for promises to be one of degradation and hardship.
Yet not all is as it seems and someone is being lied to. Now the lives of Crineal and Cyndora are about to change and the fate of the empire may lie in the hands of these two; a ruthless general and a convicted rebel.

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