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Starting out in the early 50’s with a not so common childhood, Eunice Rush seemed destined from the very beginning to write a book. Living on a small island with no running water, electricity or indoor plumbing may seem odd but - it was a very important time of her life without which her future destiny may be been very different. In fact, the book will cover many events (most of them WHY ME LORD! type) that shape her destiny. Little did she know that it would take over 50 years and tons of God’s wonderful creatures to help transform her life in preparation for her future line of service! Starting out as the only child of the owners of a fishing and hunting camp in northern Minnesota, she learned at an early age to entertain herself in a variety of ways. She also realized early in life that animals were her most constant friends and fun to train. Throughout this book you will follow Eunice through years of antidotal events that shaped her life – many of them with animals. Among others antidotes, you will laugh your way through the cat – who, much like Peter was able to walk on water (at least for a short time), the chickens with custom made spats, the training of goldfish, and share the sorrow of the not so happy events surrounding Charlie the Chick. Come join Eunice, where everyday on the farm is an event, and where every horse performance is exciting and it’s all in God’s plan.
Published: AuthorHouseBooks on Jun 1, 1987
ISBN: 9781496913128
List price: $3.99
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