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Jazz: Jet Setting Carpenter

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With stunning Halle Berry looks, and her own hit television carpentry show, Jazz is a hot, highly sought after lesbian on the London club scene. The city at night is Jazz’s personal bedroom. Jazz’s womanizing ways offer up an enticing challenge to another woman on the television lot: Lady Fiona Somerset-St. James. “Fearless Fiona” is a daredevil reporter whose documentaries excite British society. Whether exposing drug cartels or reporting from war zones, Fiona meets danger head on.
From the moment Fiona approaches Jazz to renovate her exclusive Belgravia home, Jazz becomes aware of their mutual, sizzling attraction. Has Jazz finally met her match? Catch a glimpse of Gay Paris in the 1900s where rich lesbians entertained and naked nymphs danced around trees. Beauty, power, class and game-playing moves are all at work in this world of fast cars, planes, luxurious French chateaux and, of course, sex.

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