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Frog Prince

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Rebekah Johnson has a boyfriend...A serial cheater...But a boyfriend nonetheless. Chase McGuire is the man every woman wants...That is if she can forget about his one little flaw, the cheating. Chase is tall, handsome, rich, and let’s not forget, he makes Rebekah hit those high notes, every single time.

Enter Sam Adams. Sam is nothing like Chase. He's not the one Rebekah pictures when she pens her romance novels. She considers Sam to be a romance, 'NO NO.'

So why after one pretend date and a few kisses, that are anything but fake, does Rebekah find herself re-examining Sam's romance qualifications. And just when she's beginning to wonder if she had it all wrong about Sam being a romance, 'NO NO', Chase renounces his philandering ways. When he gets Rebekah to confront her biggest fear, something no one else has been able to do, she sees Chase as a true hero. Now he's as heroic on the inside as he looks on the outside.

Hmm...Rebekah is now faced with a dilemma. Will true love conquer all? And if so will Rebekah be able to tell real from fake?

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