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Kiss of the Dark Elf - In the Arms of the Dark Elf #2 (paranormal romance)

70 pages49 minutes


Shortly after a scroll arrives for Toke, his brother Dek shows up at his doorstep in an oddly amiable state. Marla distrusts him on sight, but keeps her peace long enough to feel him out. He doesn't seem keen on her relationship with Toke, but when Toke finally reveals why he's there, decisions have to be made about his return to the clan. When an attack by more rogue magicians makes it clear Toke is being targeted, his return to his clan is hastened, and Marla has to decide if she's going with him. Can she handle the pressures his world will make on their relationship?

Genre: Paranormal romance/ Steamy Urban Fantasy Romance
Length:  16, 997K  word novelette/ 70 paperback-sized pages

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