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The River Sprite
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I fell in love, truly, deeply, I made the plunge as a stone would thrown into a deep and dark, peaty River.

I tumbled over and over as I fell and I knew even as I tumbled into her depths that
she would save me and she did and i knew that i would be hers
and that she would be mine forever.


There was a girl on the banks of a river, she was different, unusual
and yet lovely even if it was difficult to see her.
I had to make her mine. I watched day after day, i saw her washing in the River, swimming, brushing her hair and her beauty enchanted me.
I decided to capture her, she would love me once she knew just how much i was in love with her..... read on

Published: Raymond Walker on
ISBN: 9781497737358
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The River Sprite - Raymond Walker

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The River Sprite



Raymond Walker

Illustrations by;

Copyright year: 2008

Copyright notice: by Raymond Walker. All rights reserved.

The above information forms this copyright notice.


2008 By Raymond Walker.

All rights reserved.

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'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

John Keats


This novella, short story, short novel or tale is dedicated to those that educated me over the years.

Some names that jump to mind include; David Brin, Issac Azimov, Alan Garner and very many others.

Part one.

when our heroine


She Shook the water from her long dark hair, and stood, shaking her head from side to side.

The droplets almost sang with feeling as they sprayed out over the river. Before they finally collapsed back into its owner, their trail marked a huge crescent like a hail of rain on the water.

She was unobserved as she always was.

Once only, sometime ago when she was still young had mortal man ever seen her, for mortals cannot see immortals, unless they are blessed but then that man had vanished in the haze of autumn as mortals do.

That was many an age ago and even